Herein lies the adventure log of the
longtime formed but only recently renamed
First Antioch Battalion.
Despite their dysfunction, they are
still cool in their own way. They are
Aerel the Handsomeful, Arturion the Blingin',
Tyr the Shady, Albinus the Git,
Persephone the Devious, Thoradin the Drunk,
Clarth the Senile, Quinn the Generous,
Brene the Photosynthetic, Honzu the Famous,
and Vensir the Incomprehensible.

They manage to horrifically screw up things for everyone in and out of the country,
but will (hopefully) fix it.
This is the tale of how they conquer Fear,
that cloudy insubstantial jerkface.

With love, or some semblance of it,
If you want to talk to Sven, not Tyr.   Have something to share?